Deescan has the capability and flexibility to design and manufacture all types of control panels, from a simple starter panel to an extensive multi-bay drives suite.

All panel designs are developed in-house using state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical computer aided design software. We have the skills and experience to be able to provide a rapid design and development service at highly competitive cost.

We use our own highly trained staff for all our services, including commissioning work, thus giving us total control of quality and productivity at all stages of your project.

Some typical projects

Wall mounted stainless steel Eldon Double door enclosure, Mitsubishi FX3U plc, Mitshubishi FRD 740 Inverters, Crouzet Solid State relays, Proface HMI, Siemens LV MCB, Schneider motor control, Wieland SNO4000 safety Relays, Socomec Door interlocked Isolator, JUMO Thermostat, PT100 – 4-20mA Transducer, Lutze power supply. Temperature control, storage, agitation and pumping of chocolateChocolate tempering and handling

This system forms part of a complete chocolate handling set for a major baker in Kent. Deescan has worked closely with the machinery designer to provide a control system that is capable of melting, storing at fixed temperature, agitating, pumping and depositing chocolate from three different storage vessels on to baked products on demand. We also carried out full installation and commissioning on this system with our client in order to achieve the desired result. The system is controlled by a Mitsubishi FX3U PLC with a Proface Touchscreen HMI. All the software was designed and written in conjuction with the client and our software contractor. Remote access systems were used so that our installation engineers could commission the system successfully without the software engineer having to come to site. Deescan have worked with this client for over twelve years.

Screening and Feeding

Wall mounted Eldon Mild Steel Enclosure, Bespoke control voltage, special wound transformers, analogue panel meter, Current transformer, Reversing Starter, Direct on line starter, pneumatic timer. Customer specific drawings, customer specific specificationOne of our clients is a major manufacturer of screening and sifting machinery. Producing anything from fertiliser to soap powder and grading anything from rocks and stone to plastic and glass.

Our control panels are built to specification and drawings that the client has prepared and issued in this case. Our client sends products worldwide and hence we have become familiar with various different requirements for cable size and colour, environmental issues such as extremes of temperature and humidity, component specification for worldwide acceptance and availability.

Deescan has worked with this client for eight years.

Floor Standing Eldon Enclosure, Mitsubishi FRD740 Inverter motor control, Siemens LV MCB, Schneider motor control, Mitsubishi Q-series plc, Wieland safety relay, Remote access, Load cell amplifiersSorting, Weighing, Lifting and Moving

JTS, our main client's business is in commercial laundries. This particular control panel was specified by others, designed and built by us and installed by others. It forms part of a monorail network within the laundry building that sorts work into 50kg batches of similar products, lifts them to a storage space until a machine is available for processing the work, and then transports the work to the machine. Our director has many years' experience in designing, installing and commissioning such systems, and we are currently working with him on refurbishing systems. JTS has been a client for over 20 years.

Breakdown, repair, analogue control, dc driveBreakdown

We regularly get called out to breakdowns in control systems that have little or in this case no documentation. This particular control system is on a machine that is used only occasionally; it had no drawings and the machine speed was dropping off and fuses blowing. Using our experience and technical contacts that we have built up over the years, we were able to get the machine going again within a couple of days, having sourced obsolete parts and repaired circuit boards. In situations like this, Deescan will do everything it can, provided it is safe to do so, to get you going again, and will leave you with a report on the condition of the control circuit along with recommendations to improve, particularly where safety of personel is concerned.

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